emondo cooperates with AVALO-energy


Luxembourg, 22.10.2018 - We are pleased to announce our cooperation with AVALO-energy, the power supply project that aims to combine the future-oriented blockchain technology with a smart and environmentally friendly use of renewable energy. It will soon be possible to pay energy consumption bills on our independent energy supply platform by using AVALO Coins. emondo and AVALO-energy act jointly for a sustainable, credible and stable ecological, Europe-wide electricity supply with fair rates.



A Blockchain Optimized and Independent Concept

Contrary to the old-established energy suppliers, emondo is a young and innovative company running on a blockchain basis and enabling our customers to check their energy consumption for improvements with user friendly applications. According to the crowd-funding principle and in the sense of decentralized blockchain technologies, no third parties such as banks or intermediary brokers will be involved and no large energy suppliers hold shares in emondo. The establishment of a crowd selling and crowd buying platform will lead to the liberalization of the European energy market from the monopolistic energy providers and will give the power back to the citizens. 


The „AVALO-energy crowd“ will not only make emondo independent, but the crowd-selling principle will lead to fair pricing. We will only exert direct and viral marketing in the form of content customers recommending our platform. No commercials or online advertisements will be placed and no costly give-away articles will be handed or sponsoring done because those expenses of up to 1000€ per every new client would have to be relocated on all customers.


Every household has the right to change it’s energy supplier, usually free of charge - the utility stays the same with the only difference whether the energy out of the electrical outlet is renewable and future-oriented or non-renewable and pollutive. According to our slogan „planet first“, the electricity that will be offered on our platform is mainly sourced from Scandinavian hydropower plants. Thus, no climate-damaging greenhouse gases will be created in the production process nor problematic energy sources like coal or nuclear power will be used.


All over Europe, 220 million domestic homes use electricity daily with an average annual consumption of 4200 kwh and an average price of 24 cents per kwh. Every other EU citizen uses gas as well. The whole market volume adds up to 360 billion €. A market share of only 1% for emondo means 3.6 billion € every year. Together with our distribution partner AVALO-energy with it’s global cross-linked investor groups we aim to become the major energy distributor in Europe.